Generate Form 16 in ClearTDS

Learn how to generate Form 16 in ClearTDS

Guide to generate Form 16 in TDS

Step 1: Login

Login to You can make a request for Form 16/16A/27D from Traces Activities.
Select Deductor Name, form type and Return for which period you wants to raise the request
You can generate the certificates. After generating TDS certificates you can add DSC, password to your certificates and can send e-mail to all vendors/employees in a single click.

Step 2: Place a request and upload file

You can request for form 16, 16A or 27D from the tool, the text file will be automatically uploaded but only if you place a request directly from TRACES Activities in clearTDS or you can also upload the text file in the tool.
The validation details will be auto filled Like Challan details, PAN Details alongwith their TDS amount and after that you have to enter the traces credentials and captcha and proceed with your request. Once the request is submitted status will be shown as "Requested".
You can check the status of the request by clicking on the button in the right hand top corner ‘Check status for all’. Your request status will be shown as "Available" and you can download the conso file from action tab.
You can also manually upload the required text file by clicking on ‘Import' and then click on procced.
Once your file is uploaded manually or automatically click on "Procced"

Step 3: Choose Cover page

Once the file has been uploaded, you can choose to add a cover page for the certificate
Select the cover page template either choose Blank or Clear cover page and you can also upload the logo of your company to clear cover page for that click on “Upload Logo” which you wanted to reflect in Form-16/16A/27D.

Step 4: Select PAN List

You need to select the PANs for which you want to generate the certificates. You can either select ‘All PANs’ or ‘Custom PANs’. If you choose ‘Custom PANs’ you can upload a list of PANs for which you want to generate the certificates
You select a name for the certificate pdf from the dropdown ‘File name format’ and then click on "Procced"

Step 5: Download Certificates and Add DSC

You can now download the certificates if you want by clicking on the ‘Download’ button at the top right hand corner of the screen. Also you can add a DSC to the certificates by clicking on ‘Add a digital signature’.
You can choose a location for the certificate and pages on which the signature needs to appear and then click on ‘Add and proceed

Step 6: Add password

You can then choose whether you want to password protect the certificates and then click on "Setup and send Email" to send all the certificates to PAN holders.

Step 7: Send email

Once you procced with "Setup and send email". An auto-drafted mail will come up on your screen.
You Click on ‘Send’ and all the certificates will be sent the respective PAN holders
In case the contact information is missing for any PANs, you will be notified in the ‘To’ section of the auto-drafted mail. You can then click on ‘View’ and add the missing contact information on the UI and the click ‘Continue’.