GSTR-9 on Desktop App

Learn how to file GSTR-9 using Desktop App

Advantages of ClearGST Desktop App

What is ClearTax GST Desktop app?

ClearTax GST Desktop app is a Desktop Application that hosts a set of tools to automate your GSTR-9 filing experience

Why should you use ClearTax GST Desktop app to file GSTR-9?

  • Download data from GST Portal without an active OTP - This is faster & easier when compared to other software currently in use.

  • You can download data for multiple GSTINs at the same time.

  • Download data for all months since July 2017 at once to get ready for GSTR-9.

  • GSTR-2A data can be re-downloaded for fetching the latest data which can be used for GSTR-9 filing as well as reports.

  • File GSTR-9 and other returns using DSC

Guide to file GSTR-9 on Desktop App

Step 1: Download and Login

Download the App from ClearTax GST. Click on the ‘Download and install’ button to download the App and once the download is complete, install the downloaded .exe file. ‘Login’ to the Desktop App with ClearTax GST login credentials.

Alternate Method

On the ClearGST Web app navigate to GSTR-9 of the selected GSTIN.

Click on ‘Download data from GSTN'

Click on “Download ClearTax Companion”. Once the download is complete, install the .exe file. ‘Login’ to Desktop App with ClearTax GST login credential.

Open the ClearTax GST Desktop app. If the app is already downloaded, click on the highlighted link to navigate from the ClearTax GST software to the desktop app or double click on the Desktop App icon on your desktop.

Step 2: Select the GSTIN

Enter the GSTIN you wish to download data for.

Click on ‘Download data from GSTN’ to initiate the download process.

Step 3: Download Data from GST Portal

Click on ‘Proceed’ to Download data from the GST Portal

To download the latest GSTR-2A data for multiple months again, select the ‘Show options to generate and download GSTR-2A data again’ checkbox.

Step 4: Connect to the GSTN

Enter the GST portal login credentials to begin downloading of data. Make sure to enter the captcha code for a successful login.

Step 5: Return to Dashboard

Once the data download activity has started, click on the ‘Return to Dashboard’ to go back to the Main Dashboard.

The App checks the files available to Download. It might take a minimum of 5 minutes to download the files.

It also shows the status of the Downloaded or the Pending files on GST Portal. The downloaded files will be automatically uploaded on the ClearTax GST website.

Data will be downloaded only for those months in which the returns are filed

If a few files are still pending for generation on GST Portal, you can try downloading them again after a few minutes. Sometimes you might have to try more than once to download all the data. Click on ‘Download Data from GSTN’ and repeat the above steps.

It may take a minimum of 20-30 minutes to download all the data

Step 6: Proceed to Filing GSTR-9

On the successful completion of this process, the ClearTax GST Desktop app will show a message that the ‘Data for all months has been downloaded successfully’.

Now click on ‘File GSTR-9’ button which will redirect you to the ClearTax GST website and continue with the filing of GSTR-9.


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