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Mutual fund investments


My bank is not available in the payment list. How do I proceed?

We are working to get more and more banks to do payments on ClearTax. Till that time, we recommend you to try using a different bank account

How do I change my bank details in ClearTax?

As a policy of the Mutual Funds for the change in Bank Account details, you are required to separately fill out a request form all the Mutual Funds you have invested in. Please let us know if you want to change the bank details and we will send you the requisite form.

Portfolio Allocation

How can I track my SIP instalments?

For tracking the status of your investments, you can just login to your ClearTax account. You will see the updated status of your investment with the current NAV of your investment.

How long does it take for the portfolio to get added to my investment?

Portfolio will be added 2 working days after you have successfully transacted on ClearTax.

How do I check my investments by folio numbers ?

You can login to your ClearTax account to check the Folio number of your investments. You can at any point check your investment on the Mutual Fund website by putting in your Folio number there


Are there any charges which will be deducted when I redeem my funds?

There are two charges which are deducted on your funds when your redeem them. These are the charges from fund house and not from ClearTax

  1. Expense Ratio - Expense ratio is the fund management fee that the fund company charges from you on your investment. Mutual funds typically have an expense ratio of 0.5% to 2.5%. If, for example, you invest ₹10,000 in a mutual fund that has an expense ratio of 1.5%, then ₹150 from your invested money will be deducted as the expense ratio. This is a small fee you pay the fund company for managing your money.

  2. Exit Load - Exit load of 1% will be charged only on some of the funds withdrawn before 1 year.

How do I redeem my Funds on ClearTax?

When you login to your ClearTax portal, you will see an option to redeem the funds. You can choose either the amount to be redeemed or the number of units you want to redeem . Also, there will be an option to redeem all the funds that you have accumulated so far.

How long does it take for the redemption amount to get credited?

The amount will get credited after 7 working days of placing a redemption request. If the amount didn’t credit into your account in the said period, please reach out to us on 08067458744 or mail us at invest@cleartax.in.


How do I get the investment proof for my ClearTax investment?

You can download your 80C investment proof from your ClearTax investment dashboard after you complete your investment . We don't send any hard copies of the investment proof. It can be downloaded from your ClearTax dashboard. There is no investment proof for Non-ELSS funds.

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