Import and Track LDCs

Import LDCs at TAN level and track the consumption status on a single click.

Step 1: Repository > Select relevant Deductor (TAN) and FY

Step 2: Lower Deduction Certificates > Import from Traces

This will import all the LDCs issued for a given TAN at a particular FY.

Step 3: Specify Traces credentials and Captcha

LDCs will be imported with the below details:

  1. PAN

  2. Deductee Name and Certificate Number as per Traces

  3. Validity Range

  4. Date of Issue

  5. Section Code

  6. Nature of Payment

  7. Rate of TDS

  8. Amount Limit of LDC

  9. Consumption Amount

Step 4: LDC Consumption can be tracked on real time basis via 'Amount consumed as per Clear'.

Based on the data uploaded on ClearTDS till date (data can be uploaded upto the current date), amount consumption for a given combination of PAN-certificate number is aggregated across all the returns where LDC is used and provided under 'Amount consumed as per Clear'.

Step 5: Potential Notice Check while return filing

If the details provided in the deduction template do not match with the Imported LDC details, the same will be highlighted under Potential Notice Check as part of Short Deduction along with explanation of shortfall.

It is recommended to Run Potential Notice check before FVU generation.

Step 6: Missing LDCs

When LDCs imported are present in Repository but such LDCs are skipped to be flagged against the specific deductions, ClearTDS will highlight such LDCs before FVU generation.

Step 7: Review and Fix errors > Download File

Here, 2 files will be downloaded.

  • File 1 : Details of LDCs matching with the deduction details but skipped to flagged.

  • File 2 : Deduction details against which the above LDCs can be flagged based on the matching criteria.

Step 8: Flag LDC and upload deductions

If deductor desires to give the benefit of LDC to counter party, flag the missing LDCs to relevant deductions and upload the file.

Else, click on Skip and proceed for FVU generation.

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