Form 24Q4 - Original return

Guide to prepare and file Form 24Q4 - Original return

1. Deductions and Salary details upload

For 24Q4, two templates - ‘Deductions’ and ‘Salary’ need to be prepared. Depending on the user’s choice, templates can be prepared in any sequence.

1a. Upload > Deduction Template

Steps to Prepare and Ingest Deduction Template is same as for Q1 to Q3 except for the below additional step:

Select ‘Tax Deduction 24Q Template’

After Deduction Template is successfully ingested, on the right modal, user will be prompted to upload the Salary Template

Click on ‘Import’ and the modal will open to download and ingest the ‘Salary Template’

1b. Ingestion > Salary Template

Download ‘ClearTax Form 24Q Salary Details Template’

An excel template will be downloaded to your local system

Fill all the necessary details in this excel (Employee details, Salary details, Exemptions and Deductions details, TDS details and so on)

Note: Formulas are applied only for the first row. Users can copy paste the formulas to the relevant rows.

  1. Save this file in your local system

  2. Come back to app.clear and click on ‘Select TDS Salary details/ deductions file (.xlsx) to import’

  3. Upload the filled excel template

  4. Select the template ‘Salary 24Q Template’ from the dropdown and click on ‘Check file for errors and duplicates’

  1. If there are any ingestion errors in the ‘Salary Template’, the error report will generate. You can click on ‘Download File’ to check the errors

  1. You can rectify the errors in the same file and re-ingest it and click on ‘Finish’

Reviewing Salary Details after Ingestion

  1. Whenever Salary Template will be ingested into the Clear Portal, the tax calculations will run for the ingested records and users will be notified about the ‘Tax Calculation completion’ on the bell icon.

  2. Once the Tax Calculation is completed, Calculation Status will be updated for all the records. The status can be one of the below :

    1. Updated: The user-entered value in the salary template is updated to the correct values based on the tax calculations.

    2. Error: User-entered value does not match the criteria specified for various sections as per the law.

    3. Matched: User entered value is correct and there is no change in any field value after Tax calculation.

  1. Users will be notified about the records updated/error on the ribbon bar. You can click on ‘Download File’ and refer to the ‘Error Message’ column to know which fields are updated or have erroneous data.

  2. Users can make necessary changes if required in the Downloaded file and re-ingest it via ‘Import File’ option available on the top of the ribbon bar

  1. Alternatively, on UI also, the updated/error fields will be highlighted and upon hovering the fields, the updated/error message will be displayed.

Making changes to the already ingested data

Salary Tab > Actions > Download Salaries

The entire salary details will be downloaded in excel and users can make required changes and reingest the file (do not make changes to salary IDs to maintain the uniqueness).

The already ingested data will be overwritten by the latest ingested file.

Note: Ensure not to change the Salary ID. Changing the Salary ID will create a new record instead of updating the existing record.

Salary Short Deduction

For Form 24Q4, under potential notice check, one more validation is added to check for Shortfall in TDS deducted for Salary Details.

  1. Run Potential Notice Check

  2. Click on ‘Download all errors’

  1. The Potential notice zip file will contain two files

  • Salary Short Deduction - Shortfall in Tax Deduction related to Salary Records.

  • Deduction Potential Notice - Consisting of Short Deduction related to Deductions records, Interest on late deduction and Interest on late deposit

  1. Users can make the required changes in the same file and re-ingest it.

Missing PANs Validation

Aggregate Validation:

Post Challan overconsumption error, the return data will be checked for Missing PANs i.e PANs available in Deduction records but not available in Salary records.

This will check for Deduction PANs from Q1 to Q4 for Form 24Q i.e. any PANs present in Deduction details of Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4 but not present in Salary details will be highlighted.

  1. Click on Review and Fix Errors > Download File

  1. Salary Annexure highlighting Missing PANs will be downloaded

  1. Fill in the Salary Details for the Missing PANs and upload the file

  1. In case, users do not want to update the Salary details for Missing PANs, they can click on ‘Skip’ and proceed to Generate FVU. In such case Form 16 Part B won’t be available from TARCES

You can follow "Generate and e-file" for next steps

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