Product Updates

Custom integration methods that best suit any/all complex ERP/POS architecture

  1. Direct API integration: For any ERP/POS system - integration to ZATCA servers will be via Plug-n-play Restful APIs

  2. ZATCA Reporting: For generation of Simplified Tax E-invoices for POS systems without a stable internet

  3. DB based integration support: Facility to integrate via Database - based data sharing with Cleartax middleware

  4. SFTP protocol support: Support for SFTP protocol for secured file sharing between your system to Cleartax cloud servers

  5. E-Invoice generation via Excel upload: Facility to create E-invoices in bulk via Excel upload of Invoice data

  6. UI based E-invoicing: For invoice generation as well as E-invoice generation

Unparalleled uptime, infra, and robustness

  1. Fastest response time with E-invoice generation in 300-500ms

  2. 99.98% uptime even under heavy data loads

  3. Systems will be equipped to handle millions of E-invoices in a few seconds, especially during peak times

Data management and security at its best

  1. Facility to archive E-invoices in XML & PDF formats on Saudi Arabia cloud servers for 10 years as mandated by ZATCA

  2. 150+ data validations to ensure the accuracy of invoice data fields before sending to ZATCA servers

  3. Automatic maintenance of additional data fields required as per ZATCA guidelines (e.g. UUID, PIH, ICV)

  4. Option of custom data mapper to match your invoice fields and ingest easily

  5. Track the history of all the data imports

  6. VAT/TIN/Branch level contact masters

  7. Enterprise grade data security with 256-bit SSL encryption and SOC2 certification

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