ClearTDS Reports

Learn how to generate various reports from Clear TDS

Step 1: Login

Login to

You can generate the following reports are available on the

  • Form 3CD- Clause 34

  • Form 24Q - Recon Report

  • Interest Report

  • PAN Report

  • Challan Report

  • LDC Report

  • Summary of TDS/TCS Report

Step 2: Choose reports

You will choose which report you want to generate. After that select the deductor and return period for which you want to generate the report.

Step 3: Generate Report

You can these above report in excel format, click on ‘Actions’ and select ‘Download report’.

To meet the compliance requirement of Clause 34 of Form 3CD, a Tax Audit Report, a consolidated return information at TAN and even at PAN level (Multi TAN) can be accessed.

Clause 34(a) - Deduction and collection details corresponding to the expenses and incomes.

Clause 34(b) - Details of date of furnishing the TDS and TCS returns.

Clause 34(c) - Details of interest on late deduction and late deposits.

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