Form 24Q4 - Correction return

Correction Return

Ingestion of the conso file - This is similar to ingesting conso files for Q1 to Q3

After successful ingestion of Conso file, the right drawer will give three options to the user:

  1. Add new data: Users can add new records for both Deduction and Salary template. Here, similar to the original filing flow, user will be required to select the relevant template from the dropdown

  1. Correct existing data: Users can download both deduction and salary templates in excel and make the required changes and re-ingest the file.

Select ‘Deductions’ or ‘Salary details’ based on what corrections need to be made and click on ‘Download Data’.

  1. View data from consolidated file: Without taking any action, the right drawer will close and users can view the data - both deductions and salary details.

Deduction Detail Changes: The process is same as for Q1 to Q3

Salary Details Correction:

Lands on Salary Details for the first time after Conso Ingestion

  • It will be recommended to ‘Run Tax Calculations’.


  1. This will run Tax calculations for all the salary details to make them accurate and this action cannot be undone.

  2. Calculation Status for the records coming from Conso will be ‘Matched’ initially, ie. prior to running tax calculations and making any changes in the salary details.

If you do not want to run tax calculations on the entire salary details, you can click on ‘Skip’

Run Tax Calculation for a few Salary records:

Salary Tab > Select the records for which Tax calculation to be run.

Actions > Run Tax Calculation

Making Changes in Salary Records

  1. Salary Tab > Actions > Download Salaries

  1. The salary records will be downloaded. You can make changes to the records in the file and re-ingest it.

  1. On re-ingestion, Tax Calculation will run for only those records for which the user has made changes.

Note: For the records in which the user has not made any changes, Tax Calculation will not run and the Calculation status of such records will continue to be ‘Matched’.

The rest of the validations, potential notices and aggregate validations process will remain the same.

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