Filing Status Dashboard

How to track TDS return filing including return status of prior periods.

Step 1: Reports > Filing status dashboard

Return Filing history for multi TAN, PANs and All Business level.

By default, summary of the returns filed at All Business level will be visible.

Step 2: 'Sync all TRACES Return Status' will fetch the Updated status of the returns filed till date.

Traces credentials are required to sync the return status.

The right modal will list all the TANs within the organization and sequentially Traces credentials can be provided for each TAN.

Alternatively, if 'Sync Traces' is to be run only for the specific TAN, the same can be selected from 'Select Deductor' dropdown.

Step 3: 'View Details' to check the TAN wise return filing details

This will display the following: 1. PAN/Name 2. TAN 3. Return Type - Original or Correction 4. Last Traces Sync Date 5. Return Status - Draft, FVU generated, Filed, Processed, Not Filed 6. Date of Filing 7. Return Processed date 8. PRN Number 9. Return history 10. Further actions to be taken

Step 4: Details available under Return History:

  1. Complete filing history of a particular return can be tracked displaying the original and all the correction returns filed till date.

  2. Masked PRN is editable to save the actual PRN

  3. For the returns filed through Clear Portal ( e-filing or through TIN NSDL), PRN copy is available for download after successful filing.

Step 5: To view the FSD at PANs / TANs level or for a different FY, the relevant TANs / PANs and FY can be selected from the headers.

Step 6: The return history at TAN/PAN/All business level can be downloaded in excel report. (Actions > Download Report)

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