ZATCA Portal and APIs are going live

Updates as on Dec 21, 2022

1- ZATCA Phase II production go-live

Starting Monday, Dec 26, 2022, ZATCA FATOORA portal will be available for go-live on production and you can start sharing invoices with ZATCA. Any invoices shared with FATOORA portal will be considered as official tax invoices as per the VAT Implementation Regulation and E-invoicing Regulation.

2- End of production testing for Phase II

ZATCA had allowed testing on the phase II production environment till now. This testing on the production environment will end on Friday, Dec 23, 2022. All invoices shared with ZATCA till Dec 23 will be purged by ZATCA. No invoicing will be allowed on ZATCA FATOORA portal or production APIs between Friday, 23 Dec 2022 and Monday, 26 Dec 2022.

3- New simulation environment by ZATCA for testing Phase II

A new simulation environment similar to the production environment will be set up by ZATCA on Tuesday, Dec 27, 2022. This simulation environment would mimic the production environment of ZATCA. More details about the simulation environment is to be shared by ZATCA and we will keep you posted on the updates.

What is ClearTax Readiness?

  1. ClearTax will be ready for ZATCA go-live from Friday, Dec 23, 2022. We will be conducting a deployment Friday, Dec 23 between 4.30 AM to 6.30 AM KSA without any downtime or disruption of services.

  2. In case you experience issues with ClearTax platform (for Phase I or Phase II) on Friday or thereafter, please reach out to your account manager or our support team at and we will resolve your issues at the earliest.

How does this affect ClearTax customers?

1- Customers who have completed UAT and are ready to go-live on Phase II Production-

  • Register all devices on ZATCA Phase II production environment starting Dec 26, 2022. Devices registered earlier would be purged and have to re-registered

  • Prepare for deployments in production environment for all ERP/ POS/ Billing systems

  • Coordinate with ClearTax account manager to get production URLs and Authentication tokens which need to be updated in the integration configuration

  • We recommend to keep 2-4 days timeframe dedicated for preparation and actual deployment

2- Customers who are in development or UAT stage for Phase II-

  • We anticipate that any testing with ZATCA Phase II may have to be paused from Friday, Dec 23 to Wednesday, Dec 28 till ZATCA sandbox environment is stabilized.

  • Coordinate with ClearTax account manager to get confirmation that the ClearTax sandbox environment (which is internally connected to the new ZATCA sandbox) is fully functional-

  1. ClearTax sandbox environment that connects to ZATCA sandbox environment is expected to be ready and available on Dec 24.

  2. ZATCA has provided Tuesday, Dec 27 as a timeline to set up their new simulation environment.

  3. ClearTax will try to complete set up and testing by Wednesday, Dec 28. Account managers will keep you updated if any delays are observed.

  • Post confirmation from account manager-

  1. Register all devices again on ClearTax sandbox environment

  2. Coordinate with account manager for changes in URL and authentication tokens (if any)

  3. Continue the development and testing on the sandbox environment

3- Customers who are using ClearTax Phase I and have not shifted to Phase II yet

  • We do not anticipate any changes for Phase I customers.

  • In case you experience issues with the ClearTax platform on or after Friday, Dec 23, please reach out to your account manager.

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