GSTR-4A Report

Learn how to use and analyze GSTR-4A Report

Guide to Download the GSTR-4A Report

Step 1 : Select All Reports

Login to ClearTax GST and select ‘Business’. Then, click on ‘Reports’ and select 'All Reports’

Step 2 : Select GSTR-4A Report

Select ‘GSTR-4A Report’ and click on ‘View’
You can also access 'All Reports' from the dashboard and then select 'GSTR-4A Reports' under 'View All Reports'

Step 3: Click on 'GSTIN'

Select ‘Business’ and then click on ‘GSTIN’

Step 4: Select Appropriate Start and End Month

Select the ‘Appropriate Start and End Month’ for which you want to see the report

Step 5: Download GSTR-4A Data from GSTN

Click on ‘Download GSTR-4A Data’ to pull data from GSTN.
The yearly data from the GSTN will be fetched after verification via OTP-based login credentials
Click on ‘Download data from GSTN’ of all relevant Return periods.
Enable connection with GSTN by clicking on ‘Connect to GSTN’ incase the OTP is inactive

Step 5: Download report in Excel format

Click on ‘Download Report’
You can generate and download the report in Excel format
You can use , analyze and share the downloaded report

First Tab
Second Tab