Filter by Blank Transporter ID or Vehicle Number

How to filter for those E-way bills where transporter ID or vehicle number is blank

There are multiple situations when the E-way bill is in Pending / Part A / Failed / Generated status and you would like to filter for those E-way bills that have a blank transporter ID or blank vehicle number.

Instead of manually searching for the E-way bills where Transporter ID or vehicle number have to be updated, you can manually filter for such E-way bills and update the details in bulk.

Below are the steps on how to use the filter:

Step 1: Land on E-way bills page

Login to your ClearTax account and click on 'E-way bills' on the left sided menu to land on the E-way bills page containing the list of E-way bills.

Step 2: Go to Transporter ID or Vehicle number Search / Filter

From the set of filters available on the left go to the 'Transporter ID' filter or 'Vehicle Number' search / filter option.

Step 3: Click on the search box to reveal filter option

Click on the search box of the 'Transporter ID' or 'Vehicle Number' search to reveal the filter by 'blank' option.

Upon clicking on the search box an additional option to filter for 'blank' cells is displayed which can be clicked.

Step 4: Click on 'Filter blank cells'

Click on 'Filter Blank cells' to filter for those invoices where the 'Transporter ID' is blank or 'Vehicle Number' is blank based on the filter selected.

Congratulations!!! All the invoices or E-way bills where 'Transporter ID' or 'Vehicle Number' is blank have been filtered and you can take further actions.

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