Install ClearTax Assistant

Learn how to Install ClearTax Assistant

Guide to install ClearTax Assistant

Step 1: Install ClearTax Assistant

Go to ClearTax Assistant Chrome Plugin page on the Chrome Web Store and click on ‘Add to Chrome’.

Step 2: Add Extension

A popup window will appear on the top of the screen. Click on ‘Add Extension’.

Step 3: Login

Login to ClearTax GST & click on the CT Assistant button

Step 4: Enter User Details

Enter your ‘GSTN Portal Username & Password’ & click on ‘Continue’

Step 5: Select CT Assistant

Once you have filled the required user detailes, you will be redirected to ClearTax GST. Now click on the ‘CT Assistant button’ again.

Step 6: Auto-Fill Data using CT Assistant

It will direct you to the ‘GST Government Portal’. Enter ‘Captcha’ and press ‘LOGIN’. CT Assistant helps auto-fill the required data


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