Unified template to generate E-way bill for any document type

One template to upload data for any document type and generate E-way bills for both IRN and non-IRN documents

Step 1: Upload Invoices option from left menu

Click on 'Upload Invoices' option on the left menu to import your data.

Step 2: Choose the business and generate E-way bill method

  • Select the business for which you are uploading invoice

  • Select 'Generate only E-Way bill' from 'Other Options'

Step 3: Choose 'Any Documents type Template'

From the options available select the 'Any Documents type Template' and click on 'Start Uploading'

Step 4: Choose a file to be uploaded

Click on 'Choose a file to upload' to select a file from the local computer or simply drag and drop a file on the space in the screen.

If you don't have the template then it can be downloaded by clicking on the 'Download here' button.

Step 5: Choose the file from your local

Choose the prepared file from your local and click on 'Open' to load the file on to ClearTax.

Step 6: Review the uploaded file

After the upload is done, you can see 'Total No of Documents' and 'No of errors' on screen. From here you can:

  • "Proceed to review" the errors that have been imported, or

  • "Discard File"

Step 7: Review Errors

On the 'Review Documents' screen you can:

  • Understand the errors with respect to a document / invoice by hovering over the 'Errors' cell

  • Scroll to the cell with the error (highlighted in red) and correct the values as per the error message

  • Download the error file by clicking on 'Download Error Report' and correct the errors offline and reupload the corrected file

After correcting all the errors you can click on 'Save and Next' to proceed or you can skip error correction by clicking on 'Skip pending errors'.

Step 8: Successful data upload

Congratulations! Your invoices have now been successfully imported into ClearTax web portal for E-way bill generation.

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