User Guide

Learn how to cancel an IRN and attached EWB if any

Step 1: Select invoices for cancellation

From the list of documents select the ones which are in 'Generated' status and have to be cancelled.

'Generated' E-invoices may also have 'E-way bills' attached to them.

Step 2: Click on 'Cancel IRN' button in 'More Actions'

After selecting the IRNs that have to be cancelled, click on 'More Actions' and then click on 'Cancel IRN' to initiate cancellation of the selected invoices.

Step 3: Selecting options to cancel EWB and IRN or IRN only

From the selected IRNs if there are E-way bills also then there is an option to cancel E-way bills and IRNs together.

E-way bills have to be cancelled before cancelling an IRN.

Select the appropriate option to proceed for cancellation of E-invoices.

Step 4: Provide Cancellation Reason and Remarks

Select the reason for cancellation from the dropdown and enter the remarks for cancellation.

The reason and remarks entered will be applicable for both IRN and EWB cancellation.

Click on 'Proceed to Cancel' to start the process of cancellation.

Step 5: Connect to NIC and cancel E-invoices

Please wait while we connect to NIC servers to cancel the selected IRNs and EWBs.

Congratulations!!! E-invoices have been cancelled successfully.

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