Frequently asked questions about Upload Data

What kind of templates are available to upload data into Clear E-invoicing?

You can upload invoice data into ClearTax using any of the two templates. Please note that both of them can be used to create IRNs as well as E-Way Bills -

How can i download the sample template?

To download the Govt templates from the Clear E-invoicing portal, simply go to

  • Upload documents,

  • Choose Govt. Template

  • Click on Start Uploading button at the bottom right

  • You will see the option to download the Govt template and B2C template at the bottom

Which file formats are supported?

We support csv & xlsx formats.

Is there a limit on the number of invoices uploaded per file?

While there is no limit on the number of invoices but limits are present on the file size depending on the file type. For example, 16 mb is allowed for .xlsx, 1 mb for .xlsb, etc. You can add as many invoices as long as it is within the file size limit

Where and how to put Custom Fields like CIN, LUT, product code etc?

Custom fields like above can be added as a separate column in Govt Template (after removing the top level headers) or can be added through your own template and should be mapped one time through Custom Excel template.

What do the columns/fields in Import data templates mean

All column/fields with a * are compulsory. To get a detailed understanding of each field, you can download the template from our portal & refer the "Explanation Sheet".

My data got imported with errors, how do I identify and correct those errors?

All errors in your imported data will have been highlighted in red. You may need to scroll further right. Keep the mouse pointer on the highlighted red box to check the reason for errors and correct the error and revalidate.

Where do I find the Master list for fields like State Code, HSN Code, Country Code, Pin code, Port Code, etc?

You can find it on the govt website​. Please make sure to use only govt approved values else you will get a failure error while generating IRN.

How can I upload credit notes/debit notes via data upload templates?

You have to use the same template. However, you must ensure that the Document Type should be set to CRN for credit notes & DBN for debit notes.

Which import template should i use for SEZ invoice?

You have to use the same import template. However, you must ensure that the Document Type should be set to INV and supply type should be set to SEZWP/SEZWOP.

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