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Frequently Asked Questions on Filing Returns

What to do if after successful upload of documents on GST portal, documents do not show up on GSTN?

After successful upload of Documents on GST Portal/ from ClearTax GST Software, sometimes the Documents do not show up on the GSTN. Usually you need to wait for a few minutes, and then the GSTN will get updated. But if that does not happen here are some workarounds to make sure that the Documents are updated on the GSTN.

What are the Steps to Upload JSON file ?

  • Refresh on GSTIN

  • Make changes in ClearTax GST then refresh on GSTIN

  • Upload JSON on GSTIN

How to Refresh on GSTIN?

Step 1 : Login

Go to the return on your login on the GSTN/GST Portal and select relevant month and click on ‘GENERATE GSTR-1 SUMMARY’.

Step 2 : Refresh

Wait for a few moments and click on refresh

Ensure that after refreshing, the Time of Summary Display mentioned on screen is on or before the Current Time

How to make changes on ClearTax GST?

Step 1 : Select Invoice

Go to 'VIEW MY INVOICES’ in the GST Return and select one Invoice/CDN and click on ‘Mark as Not Uploaded’.

Tick mark against any Invoice of the Relevant TYPE showing discrepancy on the GST

Step 2 : Upload documents

Go to ‘UPLOAD TO GSTN’ and click on ‘Upload All Documents’.

Step 3 : Follow the steps

Follow the Steps laid down in Refresh option on the GSTN/GST Portal

How to upload JSON file?

Step 1: Download JSON

Go to ‘UPLOAD TO GSTN’ and Click on ‘Download JSON’.

Step 2 : Select 'Generate JSON File'

Here select ‘Generate a JSON File’.The JSON file with all the Invoices /CDNs as the case may be will be downloaded on your System.

Step 3 : Select the Relevant Month

Go to, Select the Relevant Month and Click on ‘PREPARE OFFLINE’ Under GSTR-1(Return).

Step 4 : Choose file

Click on ‘Choose File’, Select the downloaded JSON File from your System and Click ‘OK’. All Invoices/CDNs can now be seen on the GST .

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