ITC Claim Wizard

How ITC Claim Wizard is going to help you in your ITC Claim journey ?

You can use ITC Claim Wizard to generate your ITC Claim to be populated GSTR3B under 3 minute and claim your ITC. To do follow these steps :

  1. Click on Start Claiming in rightmost top corner to land on MaxITC wizard.

  2. Now click on Start Claiming ITC button and you will land on Claim ITC dialog. In this you have the option whether you want to claim ITC basis PR or 2A. The ITC Claim amount shown is the sum of tax value in Exact match and Suggested Match documents. If you are not sure about claiming it you can skip and come back to it later.

  3. In the next dialog you will see the docs and tax value which are in ITC ineligible since they are ineligible documents and you should not claim ITC for them. If you are not sure about making it right now you can skip this step and come back later.

  4. After this you will come to Mark ITC pending dialog. Here you can either mark ITC pending for missing in 2A and PR documents to bring the marked documents in your next reconciliation or you can click on review docs to take action.

  5. Now you will land on dialog for Mark ITC pending for mismatched documents. For mismatch documents you can either take action on all mismatched documents to followup with vendor by clicking on review docs or mark as ITC pending for now and bring the documents in next reconciliation and then clicking on continue button.

  6. After this you land on File GSTR 3B dialog where you will get the summary of GSTR 3B filing for the month and you can claim these values in your GSTR3B filing of that month. You can download the summary file for your convenience.

So this is how ITC Claim Wizard helps in generating your ITC Claim to be populated in GSTR 3B in these simple steps.

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