Invalid HSN/SAC Code

Guide to resolve invalid HSN/SAC code error

If you face the following error while importing your data using the ClearGST Tally Connector, follow the steps to identify the source of the error and resolve the same in Tally

Error - Invalid HSN/SAC code and description

Step 1: Open the invoice in tally.

Step 2: Inventory/Ledger Details

Check the line item which is giving the invalid HSN error and open the details of that inventory or ledger. Set/Alter statutory details as β€˜Yes’

Step 3: Tax rate history

Check the tax rate history (Alt+L) to verify the HSN/SAC code

Verify sub-group ledgers

A similar check needs to be done in all the main group vouchers as well if it is a sub-group ledger. You can follow the below steps to perform the same checks for a sub-group ledger

Step 1: From the Gateway of Tally, select Feature (F11)

Step 2: Then select statutory and taxation

Step 3: Set/Alter GST details as 'Yes'

Step 4: Also set/Alter GST details from the company screen as 'Yes'

Step 5: Then verify the HSN/SAC code in the tax rate history

Verify print preview

Lastly, check the print preview of the invoice to check which HSN/SAC code is displaying in print.

Step 1: Open the invoice

Step 2: Print the invoice (Alt+P)

Step 3: Ensure the with preview option is enabled.

Step 4: Also, in the standard sales configuration, accessible by clicking on Configure (F12), under statutory details of GST, mark HSN/SAC details and GST % column as 'Yes'

Step 5: Check and verify the HSN/SAC code on the print preview screen

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