Configuring Tally

Guide to Configure Tally to Import Data

Step 1: Open Tally ERP9

Open ‘Tally ERP 9’ on your desktop and in the ‘Gateway of Tally’ , press ‘F12:Configure’

Step 2: Select Advanced Configuration

Select ‘Advanced Configuration’ to proceed further

Step 3: Select Options under Tally ERP9

Under ‘Tally ERP 9 is acting as’ option , select ‘Both’

Under the ‘Enable ODBC server’ option , Select ‘Yes’

Lastly, under the ‘Port’ option → Select ‘9000’ to proceed

You will be able to change this port to any other number, for example, 5000 if 9000 port is blocked by your antivirus settings

Step 4: Save & Restart

To save the changes made & restart Tally ERP 9 , click on ‘Yes’

Step 5: Checking Tally

Go to the browser and enter http://localhost:9000 608 in the search bar to check that Tally ERP 9 server is running

If Tally is installed on another computer, then instead of the localhost you can enter IP address in the above URL. For example, if Tally is installed on a computer with IP address of then enter in the browser to see the above message.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured Tally to accept connection from ClearTax GST

Configuring Tally Prime

Step 1: Open Tally Prime

Open ‘Tally Prime’. Under ‘Gateway of Tally’, Click on ‘F1’

Step 2: Select Settings

Under ‘Settings’, select ‘Connectivity’

Step 3: Select Client/Server Configuration

Now Select the ‘Client/Server Configuration’

Under ‘Tally Prime acts as’, select ‘Both’ Under ‘Enable ODBC’, select ‘Yes’ Under ‘Port’, enter any 4 digit number

Click ‘Yes’ to restart Tally Prime

Congratulations! You have successfully configured Tally Prime to accept connection from ClearTax GST


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