Create an account

Learn how to create a ClearTax account for E-Invoicing and E-Way Bill

How to sign up and create your account

Step 1: Go to the Account creation page

You will be assisted to setup and start using the ClearTax E-Invoicing product. In case you do not require the product demo, please sign up using

Step 2: Enter Email ID

The Email Address entered will be used as the user ID for the admin account

Step 3: Enter Password

Enter the password to be setup for this account and click on Sign up. Please remember this password, this will be used for logging in to ClearTax

Step 4: Enter Phone Number

This number will be used for important communication and security purposes. You can also continue without entering your phone number by clicking on skip this step

Step 5: Complete Account creation process

Fill in your Name, Company Name, Role and Company turnover in the relevant fields. This will complete your account creating process


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