Create NIC Credentials
Learn how to create NIC Credentials

Guide to Create NIC Credentials

GSTN has opened registration in the E-Invoicing portal for Taxpayers with over 5 Crores turnover.
Taxpayers can create their NIC Credentials in the E-Invoicing Portal in the following manner -

Step 1: Open E-Invoicing Portal

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Step 2: Select Registration

Click on “Registration” and then “Portal Login” to open the E-Invoice registration form
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Step 3: Verify OTP

The company details related to the provided GSTIN number are displayed. To verify the details, click on “Send OTP”
You will receive the OTP on your Registered Mobile Number. Enter the OTP in the form and click “Verify OTP”
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Step 4: Generate Credentials

Once the verification is successful, fields to enter the User Id and Password are displayed. Enter the details and click “Save”
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Your NIC credentials are generated. You can now use this User Id and Password to generate E-Invoices.
Points to remember :
    You should have a GSTIN and mobile number registered with the GST system
    The username should be 6 to 15 alphanumeric characters and unique


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