Which fields are required in B2C QR code?

The purpose of a dynamic QR Code is to enable the recipient/customer to scan and pay the amount to be paid to the merchant/supplier. Hence UPI details are mandatory while generating a B2C QR code/invoice.

Please note: When the part-payment for any supply has already been received from the customer/ recipient, in form of either advance or adjustment through voucher/ discount coupon etc., then the dynamic QR code may provide only the remaining amount payable by the customer/ recipient against “invoice value”.

The details of total invoice value, along with details/ cross reference of the part payment/ advance/ adjustment done, and the remaining amount to be paid, should be provided on the invoice along with the UPI details.

As per latest NIC circular, B2C QR code should have

• The GSTIN of the supplier

• The UPI ID of the supplier

• The payees bank account number and IFSC code

• The invoice number and invoice date

• The total invoice value

• The GST amount, along with the breakup of CGST, SGST, IGST, Cess, etc.

I am unable to scan the QR code

You have to use the scanner approved by IRP available on the link here. https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in/Others/QRCodeVerifyApp Alternately, you could also try zooming in on the soft copy and then retry scanning.

Can I cancel B2C invoice?

B2C invoices can not be cancelled because for b2c we are only generating a Dynamic QR code.

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