B2C QR Code

Learn how to generate dynamic QR Codes for B2C invoices

Guide to generating QR code

Step 1: Select "Upload Invoices"

Click on ‘Upload Invoices’ option to import your data

Step 2: Select Business

Select the business for which you are uploading the invoice. Select the Govt Template or Custom Template, if you have mapped that already, for uploading invoices

Click on "Start Uploading" button at the bottom of the screen

Step 3: Upload Excel Template

If you have the Govt Excel Template already, fill in the invoice data and select "choose a file to upload". If you don't have the template then download it by clicking the "Download here" option as shown in the image below.

Step 4: Review Errors

After the upload is done, you can see "Total No of Documents" and "No of errors" on screen. From here you can either "Proceed to review" the error or "Discard File"

After correcting the errors (in case of errors), you can proceed to review.

The B2C invoice is now imported to ClearTax and now you can generate the B2C Payment QR code.

Step 5: Generate QR Code

Select the invoice you want to generate B2C QR code for and click on "Generate" at the top right.

You have successfully generated the B2C QR Code


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