Upload Documents

Learn how to upload invoices to ClearTax

Guide to upload documents to ClearTax

Step 1: Select "I have my own data"

Under bring your data to ClearTax for uploading excel data with Invoices and click on Continue

Step 2: Select excel format

Select Govt excel for going ahead with a standard invoice template or select Custom template if you want to create a mapping for your own excel format. You can also download sample standard template from the right hand side of the screen.

Step 3: Select file

Choose a file to be uploaded or drag and drop file

Step 4: Review Errors

The review screen will show the count of errors after upload. Click on proceed to review to correct error messages

Step 5: Correct Errors

Review and correct the error messages highlighted directly in grid and click on "Save and Next"

Your documents are now successfully uploaded into ClearTax


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