Queries Related to E-Invoice and E-Way Bill

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General Queries

What is the size of file that can be imported/uploaded in Clear e-Invoicing web portal?

Allowed file sizes for upload on Clear e-Inovicing tool are: (XLS: 1.00 MB, XLSX: 16.00 MB, CSV: 300.00 MB, XLSM: 1.00 MB, JSON: 1.00 MB)

What is the appropriate QR code dimension for printing in Invoice for scanning?

2* 2 inch is preferred.

What is the Supply type Export Invoices?

Supply type can be EXPWP and EXPWOP.

What is the Place of supply or Recipient State Code?

We need to put ‘96’ in the ‘Place of Supply’ and ‘Recipient State code’.

What is the Pin code of recipient in Export Invoices?

It is 999999.

What is Recipient GSTIN in case of Export Invoices?

You need to write ‘URP’ in the Recipient GSTIN.

B2C QR Code Queries

Tally Connector

Is this a demo/testing/sandbox version or the production version?

This is the production version for e-Invoicing

Will this work if I have Tally Prime?

Current version works for Tally ERP9 as well as Tally Prime. Tally Prime has to be installed manually, please contact support for the same.

Do I have to install this in client or server?

Install the application and activate the company is both the server and client systems

Will this work if I have other custom TCPs?

Although the ClearTax application will work along with other TCPs, some TCPs might conflict and cause the software to not work on your system. You can try disabling other TCPs and test if ClearTax Tally Connector starts working. Please contact us so we can improve support in this scenario.

During installation

I am facing issues of ODBC port not found?

Make sure ODBC port is correct and set up correctly. Click here for more details

I am getting this error “Company not registered”

Make sure the GSTIN has been added in ClearTax E- Invoicing portal, and the same GSTIN has been updated in Tally as well.

I am getting an Activation Failed error.

Please contact us so we can help you install Tally Connector.

I already have the ClearTax TCP set up. Do I still need to install the new application?

Yes, the latest application always contains stability & bug fixes, as well as points to the production environment. If you have installed the TCP prior to 31st December, it is possible you might have an older version of TCP which will work on sandbox only. Download the latest version from here

IRN & e-Way Bill Generation

I am getting Pincode/quantity errors every time I try to generate IRN

Make sure all details are updated in company info, party master as well as stock master. This is a one time activity required to make your data einvoicing compliant.

When I try to generate IRN, I get an “unauthorized” error

Make sure your TCP module is configured for production environment and auth token is correct. Download the setup and run the installer once again to fix the issue. You can also verify by going to Gateway of Tally > Features (F11) > Add On Features > Enable einvoicing module (Yes) and check whether API links begin with “https://api-einv.cleartax” and not “https://einvoicing.internal.cleartax

You can also update Auth token and owner ID here by logging in to einv.cleartax.in > Settings (top right dropdown) > Integration Settings

Org unit list has list of owner IDs, Auth token tab can be used to generate a new authorization token. Paste these details in Tally and save them.

My voucher is not showing up for IRN generation

Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Voucher Types > Alter > (Select voucher) > Use for einvoice > Yes

If this does not work, make sure correct dates are selected in Einvoice register.

What do the color codes mean?

Black - No action taken

Blue - Only IRN generated

Green - IRN+eWaybill generated

Red - IRN generation failed due to some error in data

How can I generate eWaybill along with IRN

Inside the voucher > Generate GST/eWayBill > Yes > Fill in details and Save > Generate IRN

How can I auto calculate distance in eWaybill

Set distance to 0 so that ClearTax can calculate distance between pincodes automatically


QR code is not getting generated

Ensure that Tally connector has been installed on the same physical system where the Tally instance is running. It is possible that the connector is installed on admin machine, but QR code is not generated on the client system - which can be resolved using this issue.

If this does not fix the issue, try checking whether a file called QRimg.jpg is being generated. If it is being generated, changing printing QR code position will help fix this. If it not QRimg.jpg is not present, reinstall the Tally connector or contact support.

How can I change printing QR code position

Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Voucher Types > Alter > (Select voucher) > QR code position > Top/Center

Can I use a custom print format?

Tally connector uses the standard print format. If you want more custom print formats, you can use the formats available from einv.cleartax.in

Can I modify the QR code for my B2C invoices?

B2C invoices can have UPI ID set up. This can be changed from Gateway of Tally > Features (F11) > Add On Features > Enable einvoicing module (Yes) > UPI ID

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