Learn how to file GSTR-4 using ClearTax GST software in a simple few steps

Basics of GSTR-4

What is GSTR-4?

GSTR-4 is a GST Return that has to be filed by a composition dealer. Unlike a normal taxpayer who needs to furnish 3 monthly returns, a dealer opting for the composition scheme is required to furnish only 1 return which is GSTR 4 once in a year by 30th of April, following a financial year.

When is GSTR-4 due?

For FY 2019-20, the GSTR-4 due date is 31st October, 2020.

Who should file GSTR-4?

A taxpayer opting for the Composition Scheme is required to file GSTR-4. It also covers the special composition scheme 7 notified for the service providers vide the CGST (Rate) notification number 2/2019 dated 7th March 2020 with effect from FY 2019-20.

Steps to file GSTR-4 through ClearTax GST Desktop app

Step 1: Login ClearTax GST

‘Login’ to ClearTax GST, click on ‘Download Desktop App’ to download the ClearTax GST Desktop App

GSTR-4 can only be filed using the ClearTax GST Desktop App

Login to ClearTax GST Desktop app, click on ‘File GST Returns’ to file your returns

Step 2: Select a Business

Select a ‘Business’ to import your data

Under ‘GST Returns’, select ‘Prepare & File GSTR-4’

Make sure to select the ‘Return Period’ for which you want to import the data.

You can file GSTR-4 only using the Desktop App. If you’ve logged in via ClearTax GST , a modal will pop-up, asking you to continue filing GSTR-4 through the ClearTax GST Desktop App. Click on ‘Open ClearTax GST Companion’ to continue filing.

Step 3: Import data

Under the ‘Prepare Data’ tab, enter the ‘Aggregate turnover for the previous FY’ , click on ‘Save’ .Also, enter the details of the ‘Outward Supplies’ during the year, click on ‘Import excel’ button to import your Purchase Books

Step 4: Select Return Period

Now select the ‘Return Period’ , select the ‘ClearTax Template’, click on ‘Select file from computer’ to upload your file.

Filing form CMP-08 is mandatory before filing GSTR-4

Please wait while your data is being imported ,uploading may take some time. Upload time depends on the size of the file.

Step 5: Sve and Validate

If some of the documents imported have errors , select the Tab that shows Errors .Under the ‘Errors’ column hover to find the reason. You can correct the errors in this screen by editing the details .Click on ‘Save and Validate’ button to proceed .

You can also skip fixing the Errors by clicking on the ‘Continue without Fixing’ button.

Step 6: Fix Errors

Click on ‘Fix errors now’ button to correct the errors , click on ‘Yes, I’ll continue later’ button to proceed without fixing the errors.

Your data is now ready ,click on ‘Proceed’ button to generate GSTR-6 form.

Scroll down to see the Purchase books imported into ClearTax.

Step 7: Upload and Save

Under the ‘Upload and File’ tab ,click on ‘Upload & Save GSTR-4’ to upload the form to the GSTN Portal.

Note: To download a JSON file ,click on ‘Download JSON’ link

You will be redirected to the GSTN Portal ,enter the GSTN credentials ,click on ‘Continue’ to upload GSTR-4 on GSTN Portal.

Enter the captcha & click on ‘Login’.

Your Form will be uploaded automatically.

Click on ‘Proceed to GSTR-4 filing’ button to file your GSTR-4

Step 8: Proceed to file

Click on ‘Proceed to File’ button to file your GSTR-4 .Preview for Form GSTR-4 is displayed. Click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 9: Select Authorized Signatory

Click on the declaration check-box ,select the ‘Authorized signatory’ from the drop-down list .Click the ‘File GSTR-4 button

Click ‘Yes’ to proceed

Click the ‘File with DSC’ or ‘File with EVC’ button to proceed.

Congratulations!!! Your GSTR-4 is now successfully filed


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