Rate wise Sales Summary Report

Learn how to use and analyze Rate wise Sales Summary Report

Sales Summary Report

What is a Rate wise Sales Summary Report ?

  • This report provides GST rate wise summary based on ingested or imported sales data along with document count and tax summary as per major tax heads i.e., IGST, CGST and SGST on Return period level as well as Financial Year level

  • Rate-wise Sales Summary is a summary of all the sales made in the respective filing period according to the GST rates on such outward supplies which are yet to be filed but have been ingested in the Cleartax portal

Uses of Rate wise Sales Summary Report

  • This report serves as a useful analysis and validation tool before filing of GSTR-1 for summarizing turnover on the basis of GST rates

  • This report is based on data imported or ingested into Cleartax portal only

Guide to download Rate wise Sales Summary Report based on GSTR-1 Filed Report

Step 1: Select All Reports

For selecting the reports, log into ClearTax GST, select the 'Business' tab

Then click on the 'Reports' tab and select 'All Reports'

Step 2: Select Rate wise Summary Report

Select the 'Rate wise Summary Report' by clicking on ‘View’

You can also access the Reports from the dashboard and then select 'Rate wise Summary Report'

Step 3: Click on GSTIN

Select 'Business' and then click on 'GSTIN'

Step 4: Download Report

Select the ‘appropriate period’ and Click on ‘Download Report’

Step 5: Click on Check Sales Data

Review sales data incase current data is not already ingested/imported

Step 6: Select Bulk Import Invoices

Incase data not already present, navigate to ‘Ingestion of Invoices’ flow to import data into Cleartax portal.

Select ‘Bulk Import Invoices’

Step 7: Select template

Step 8: Navigate to Rate wise Sales Summary Report

After successfully importing data, navigate back to ‘Rate wise Sales Summary Report’ flow to continue downloading your report

You can use, analyze and share the report in Excel form


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