Add new clients

Learn how to add new clients to ClearGST

Alternate ways to add a new client

There are 2 ways to add a new client on ClearTax GST:

Guide to Add Clients Individually:

Step 1: Login

Login’ to ClearTax GST and click on the ‘Add Clients’ and select ‘Add Client’.

Step 2: Enter GSTIN

Enter the ‘GSTIN’ and click on ‘Add Now’ to add client’s contact details (optional) and click on ‘Continue’.

Your client will be successfully added. Details of all the filed returns of this client will be visible on the screen. Click on ‘Go to Dashboard’ to go to the Main Dashboard.

Guide to Add Clients in Bulk:

Step 1: Login

’Login’ to ClearTax GST and click on the ‘Add Clients’ and select ‘Add Clients in Bulk’.

Step 2: Download Excel

Download the ‘Import Clients Excel’ template to fill in the required details of the clients to be added in bulk.

Step 3: Add client details

Add all the details of your clients including the ‘Taxpayer type’ & Click on ‘Save’

Step 4: Upload file

Now click on ‘Select file from Computer’ and add the edited excel.

Step 5: Revalidate

If there is an error, ClearTax GST will highlight it. You can make the required changes & Click on ‘Revalidate’.

Your clients will be added/updated successfully.

Step 6: Add another branch

You can now go to the Main Dashboard & start filing your returns.

You can also add another Branch/GSTIN/State by clicking on ‘Add another Branch/GSTIN/State’.

You can edit the clients’ details by going to the ‘Settings’ & editing/updating the clients’ details. You can also add a new client.


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