GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report

Learn how to use and analyze GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report

Basics of GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report

What is the GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report?

  • This report provides HSN wise summary of the filed GSTR-1 sales data along with document count and tax summary as per major tax heads i.e IGST, CGST and SGST on Return period level as well as Financial Year level

  • HSN-wise Summary is a summary of all the sales(Net of credit / debit notes) made in the respective filing period according to the HSN codes as per GST as reported by the taxpayer in the Table 12 of GSTR-1

Who should use the GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report?

  • This report is useful for the taxpayer for compliance as per Table 17 of GSTR-9 where HSN summary for outward supplies needs to to be reported

  • HSN code at 2-digit level is to be reported for businesses with annual turnover more that Rs.1.5 crores and at 4-digit level for businesses with annual turnover over Rs.5 crores

Guide to download the GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report

Step 1: Select All Reports

For selecting the reports, log into ClearTax GST, select the 'Business' tab.

Then click on the 'Reports' tab and select 'All Reports'.

Step 2: Select GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report

You can select the 'GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report' by clicking on 'View' option.

You can also access Reports from the dashboard and then select 'GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report'.

Step 3: Click on GSTIN

Select 'Business' and then click on 'GSTIN'

Step 4: Select appropriate period

Select the period for which you want to see the report.

Step 5: Download data from GSTN

Click on ‘Check Status of GSTR-1 Filed Data Download from GSTN’ to pull data from GSTN incase not already present

Step 6: Download GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report

Incase data is not already present, navigate to ‘GSTR-1 Filed Report’ to pull data from GSTN

After successfully downloading data from GSTN , navigate back to ‘GSTR-1 HSN Summary Report’ to continue downloading your report.

You can use, analyze and share the report in Excel form


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