1. What is an IRP? IRP or Invoice Registration Portal is a Government of India recognised body for registering and authenticating invoices of the taxpayers and returns a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN), digitally signed e-invoice and QR code to the user. ClearIRP is a GSTN approved IRP to facilitate all eInvoicing activities.

  2. How can I access ClearIRP? ClearIRP can be accessed on https://einvoice4.gst.gov.in/ . Users can register on ClearIRP by checking the eInvoicing eligibility of their GSTIN. They can create an account for a GSTIN and create eInvoices.

  3. What details are needed to register on ClearIRP? Registration of GSTIN on ClearIRP requires

    • GSTIN number

    • Registered email and phone number on the GST portal of the GSTIN

    • OTP (sent to registered email and phone number)

  4. What functionalities are supported on ClearIRP? ClearIRP supports following activities

    • Checking eInvoicing eligibility for a GSTIN

    • Generating IRNs for an invoice

    • Canceling of IRNs

    • Download of eInvoices in csv files

    • Downloading/Printing eInvoices in standard templates in pdf format

    EWay Bill with IRN generation is will also be available in few months on the platform

  5. Which functionalities are not supported on ClearIRP? Following functionalities are not available on ClearIRP

  • EWB with IRN generation

  • Non IRN type EWB generation

  • EWB cancellation

  • EWB update

  • Consolidated EWBs

  • Extend validity

  • Change EWB to multivehicle

  1. How is ClearIRP different from NIC? ClearIRP is accessible at https://einvoice4.gst.gov.in/ while government managed NIC portal is accessible at https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in/ . All eInvoicing activities supported on NIC portal is available on ClearIRP and promises to provide a better user experience

  2. Will ClearIRP work if NIC is down? ClearIRP has a completely different infrastructure setup that is independent of NIC. So, even if NIC is down, ClearIRP will continue to support eInvoicing activities.

  3. Why should I move to ClearIRP? Since Clear has control over the infrastructure and the overall process, user will enjoy a better eInvoicing experience with ClearIRP

    • Faster IRN generation

    • Experience almost nil downtime with ClearIRP

    • Assured accuracy along with a high success rate/low failure of IRNs

    • Get quick resolution of tickets and queries

  4. Where can I see my generated eInvoices?

  5. Can I view eInvoices generated on any IRP on ClearIRP? No, eInvoices generated through an IRP will be accessible only on that IRP. All IRPs are independent entities and einvoice data is not shared among IRPs.

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