Multi-month GSTR-2A Report

Learn how to download and analyze the multi-month GSTR-2A report

Guide to Download the Multi-month GSTR-2A Report

Step 1: Select 'All Reports'

For selecting the reports, log into ClearTax GST, select the 'Business' tab.

Then click on the 'Reports' tab and select 'All Reports'.

Step 2: Select ‘Multi-month GSTR-2A Report’

You can also access the report from the dashboard and select 'Multi-month GSTR-2A Report'.

Step 3: Click on ‘GSTIN’

Select 'Business' and then click on 'GSTIN'

Step 4: Select the ‘Financial Year’

The financial year to be selected for which you want to see the report.

Step 5: Download yearly data from GSTN

Click on ‘Download GSTR-2A Data’ to pull data from GSTN. The yearly data from the GSTN will be fetched after verification via OTP-based login credentials.

Download data through non-OTP-based-option

Step 6: Await Completion of Data from GSTN

Wait until the status of ‘Download data from GSTN’ of all relevant return periods have changed from "Not downloaded" to "Download Successful".

Step 7: Download Report

You can generate and download the report in two formats: Excel format or CSV format

For Excel format , once generated , you can download it by clicking on ‘Download Multi-month 2A Invoice Excel’

Step 8: Download report for taxpayers

You can download the taxpayers report in the following ways -

  1. Invoice (Regular)

  2. Credit/Debit Notes(Regular)


  4. TCS


Step 9: Analyze and Share Report

Explanation Guide for Filters in Multi-month GSTR-2A Report

Filters Provided in Invoice Type :

Supplier Filing Status

For Filed/Non-Filed Invoices

Amendment Type

For Amended /Originals linked to Amended Invoices

Filters Provided in CDN type :


For Credit/Debit Note

Supplier filing Status

For Filed/Non-Filed Invoices

Amendment Type

For Amended /Originals linked to Amended Invoices are similar to Invoice filters

Apart from these , there are a few Generic filters provided in Multi-month 2A report

1) For Invoices

2)For Credit/Debit Notes

Use cases of the Multi-Month GSTR-2A Report

Here is how GSTR-2A data is summarized and used in various reports and other tools in ClearTax GST portal

Use Cases


GSTR-2A View & Download

  • Basis return Period level

  • Includes both filed and not-filed documents

  • TDS/ISD value is included

GSTR-3B v/s 2A

  • Basis invoice date level

  • Includes only filed documents

  • TDS/ISD value is not included

Table 8A of GSTR-9(GSTR - 2A Summary)

  • Basis invoice date (for FY 2018-19) upto 30.09.2019 filed by supplier till 31.10.2019

  • Includes only filed documents


  • Basis invoice date level

  • Includes only filed documents

Table 8A of GSTR-9 V/s PR

  • Only amended documents are considered in case the documents are amended except when the GSTIN is amended.


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