Downloading e-invoices

Up to how many months of e-invoice data can i download at a time?

You can view & download up to 1 month's/30 days data at a time.

Where can i find my downloaded reports?

Click on the Bell Icon on Top right hand side and you can see the request there. Click on the file you have to download.

My data/reports are not getting downloaded

You can download the reports and find it inside the notification/bell icon on the top right of the E-invoicing portal. You can access your downloads from he. If you are still not able to download, you may need to change your browser settings as the website may be blocked from downloading. Once you allow downloads from this website, you should be able to download reports.

How can I download older invoices?

All invoices dated more than 1 year old can be found in historical data or Archives section.

How can I download the latest imported excel file?

The latest imported excel file can't be downloaded. If the you want to check previous data imports summary that can be seen in the import history page. If a particular document is needed that can be searched via document number filter in documents page.

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