Learn how to create an invoice using ClearOne

Guide to Create Invoices in ClearOne

Step 1: Select Invoices

Open the ClearOne Portal and go to Invoices tab

Step 2: Create your First Invoice

Click on “Create your first invoice”

Step 3: Select Type of Invoice

Choose the type of invoice from the dropdown

Step 4: Add Bill

Add "Bill from" (Your Business Details) and "Bill to" (Customer's Business Details). From the dropdown, you can select existing accounts or add new business & customers manually. To learn more about how to add new customers manually, click here.

When you add the "Bill from" & "Bill to" details, the “ship to” column gets auto populated with the address extracted from customer details

Please make sure the business address line 1 and 2 is between 3 to 100 characters

Step 5: Select Invoice Date and Due Date

Step 6: Add Items

By clicking on the “item name” box you would see a dropdown, where you can add new items or select items added by you previously. To learn more about how to add new items, click here.

Then add the rest of the item details such as quantity, discount etc. Click on “+ Add item” to add new item rows.

Add the rest of the details in the highlighted boxes -

  • Supply Type

  • Reverse Charge

  • Payment details

  • Additional Charges and Discounts

  • Signature

Choose HSN/SAC code correctly based on your product

Step 5: Preview Invoice

After adding all the necessary details, click on “Preview” to view the invoice preview and choose a template before saving.

Step 6: Save Invoice

Choose any of the templates given in the left side of the screen. And click on “Save” to create an Invoice.


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