How do I register my GSTIN on ClearIRP from Clear eInvoicing?

Existing Clear eInvoicing users can register their GSTIN on ClearIRP -

  1. Click on “Add API credentials” and select “Add Clear IRP API credentials” from the dropdown

  2. In the side modal, click on Register now at the bottom

  3. Select the GSTIN which you want to register on ClearIRP and enter the captcha and click on Continue

  1. It is checked if the GSTIN is eligible for eInvoicing and in case of eligibility is confirmed basic GSTIN details is shown. You can check the details click on Confirm and Continue.


  • In case the details are incorrect, correct it on the GST portal as these details are fetched from there.

  • In case the GSTIN is ineligible for eInvoicing, same is confirmed and user can retry with another GSTIN

  1. Enter the registered email address and phone number for the GSTIN and click on Submit. An OTP will be sent to both email addresses and phone number for verification.

  1. Check your inbox and SMS for the OTP. Enter the OTP and click on Verify

The OTP is checked and verified. Click on Continue

  1. Finish setting up the account on ClearIRP by adding the password. The password must follow the requirements -

Minimum 8 characters

  • One number

  • One alphabet

  • One special character

Click on Create Account to complete the registration process.

  1. In order to create eInvoices through ClearIRP, we need to create API credentials for the GSTIN. Enter the API username and password. Confirm the password and click on Save and submit. The credentials will be created in ClearIRP and saved on Clear eInvoicing product as well

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