GSTR-3B Nil Return on Desktop app

Leran how to file GSTR-3B NIL return using Desktop app

Basics of GSTR-3B

What is Nil GST Return Filing?

GST return has to be filed by everyone having GST registration irrespective of business turnover or profitability in a month. Hence, even if there were no invoices issued during a month, the taxpayer must login to the GST Portal and submit a NIL GSTR-3B.

Consequences of not filing Nil GST Returns

If a NIL return in GSTR-1 or GSTR-3B is not filed, a penalty of Rs.20 per day (for GSTR-1) and Rs. 20 per day (for GSTR-3B) is leviable until the return filing is complete. Hence, all taxpayers having GST registration must submit NIL GST return before the deadline.

To file a GST-3B Nil Return, you will need -

  • ClearTax GST Desktop App

  • A valid DSC must be set up on the system or you can also file using OTP

ClearTax Advantage

  • The feature is available for GSTR-3B filing with the ClearTax GST Desktop App. It is a one-time download and set up for users.

  • ClearTax GST Desktop App helps you with the complete filing of GSTR-3B without going to any other portal. Thus a lot of time and effort is saved and users can operate at their convenience.

  • The complete filing of GSTR-3B will also save users from unnecessary navigation between softwares or any other portal, as everything is available on the ClearTax GST software including submission of returns. You can now file GSTR-3B with minimal manual effort and directly on ClearTax supported by both DSC or EVC.

  • Along with the above feature of ClearTax GST Desktop App, the ‘Nil return filing’ feature allows users having no sales or business during the period to submit GST returns in minimal steps by avoiding all unnecessary interactions with the portal.

  • The ‘Nil return filing’ feature comes with important validations and a cautionary window too which allows users to reconsider their filing of GST returns with no data. Hence, it will stop users from erroneously submitting a Nil return which otherwise was not one.

Guide to file GSTR-3B Nil Return:

Step 1: Download Desktop App

‘Login’ to ClearTax GST, and click on ‘Download Now’ to download the ClearTax GST Desktop App

Step 2: Login

Login to ClearTax GST Desktop app. Select a ‘Business’, under the ‘Returns’ tab and select ‘NIL Returns

Step 3: Select GSTR-3B Nil Return

Select ‘GSTR-3B Nil Return’ to file your Nil GSTR-1 return. This will take you directly to the ‘File GSTR-3B’ tab.

Under the ‘File GSTR-3B’ tab , you get 2 options to Submit & File NIL Return for GSTR-3B:

  • File with DSC (You can file GSTR-3B using your DSC)

  • File with EVC (File GSTR-3B using OTP )

Step 4: Enter GSTIN credentials

Enter your GSTN login credentials & click on ‘Continue’

Step 5: Login to GSTN

This will take you to the GST login page, enter the CAPTCHA and click on ‘Login’ to proceed

ClearTax will automatically upload your NIL GSTR-3B details on the GST Portal in a matter of seconds.

Step 6: Enter OTP & Verify

Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number & email ID and click on ‘Verify to file your GSTR-3B Nil Return

Your GSTR-3B Nil Return is now successfully filed on the GST Portal.

After successful filing, ClearTax will display the ARN number (provided by GST portal) in the Desktop app for your reference.


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