GSTIN Verification

Learn how to verify GSTIN using ClearTax Software

Guide to verify GSTIN using ClearTax Software

Step 1: Login

Login to ClearTax GST and select business. Under the Reports tab, select GSTIN Verification

Step 2: Verify GSTIN (single or in bulk)

Under the ‘Verification Report' tab, you can verify the GSTIN to get the taxpayer’s information & return filing status. You can verify a single GSTIN or you can also verify in bulk.

To verify a single GSTIN, enter the GSTIN then Click on ‘Verify’ to verify the GSTIN. The GSTIN Verification Report will be generated

To verify the GSTINs in bulk, click on ‘Download template’ than enter the GSTINs in the same format . Click on ‘Upload list of GSTINs’ to upload the file than click on the ‘Verify’ button to verify the GSTINs. The GSTINs verification report will be generated

At once we can upload CSV for 2500 GSTINs only (and check the return filing status for GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B)

Step 3: Download Report

Verification may take some time. Once verified, the report will be generated, click on ‘Download Report’ to download the report. The report contains the ‘Taxpayer’s information’ as well as the monthly filing status of the returns

You can also view the download history under the ‘History’ tab. Click on ‘Download Report’ button to download the old reports. You can also view the status for the credits used for doing GSTIN verification

Under the ‘Verification Report’ tab. Click on ‘Explain credits’ to understand the logic behind the usage of credits for GSTINs verification


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