Multi-Vehicle E-way Bill

Learn how to generate Multi Vehicle E-Way Bill

If the consignment is too big to be transported in one vehicle or if there are multiple legs involved in the movement of goods due to transshipment then a multi-vehicle E-way bill is created.

Step 1: Land on View E-way bills page

From the left menu click on 'E-way bills' to land on the View E-way bills page.

You will be able to see the list of invoices with E-way bill details (if available) for the last one week by default.

Step 2: Invoice selection to update for Multi-vehicle movement

Select the invoice to be updated for multi-vehicle movement.

Only E-way bills which are active and in 'Generated' status can be updated for multi-vehicle movement.

Step 3: Select 'Update EWB to Multi-vehicle'

After selecting the E-way bill click on more Actions and update EWBs than change EWB to multivehicle

Please add details of the products that will be moved in the new group of vehicles. The details will be equal to the values specified in the E-way bill or will be a subset of that. Details required to initiate multi-vehicle movement are:

  1. Mode of transport - Choose from among Road, Rail, Air or Ship. If it is anything else other than road then that leg of movement will not have vehicle details

  2. From Place and From State - The place from where the current movement will happen

  3. To Place and To State - The place to which the current movement will be done

  4. Total Quantity - Total quantity of goods that will be moved in the current leg of movement. This should be less than or equal to the quantity in E-way bill

  5. Unit of Measurement - Units specified in E-way bill

  6. Reason - Reason for multi-vehicle movement

Step 5: After entering details proceed to vehicle details

After entering and confirming all the E-way bill details please click on 'Proceed to Step 2'.

Step 6: Enter vehicle details

In step 2 to enter vehicle details enter the required details as follows:

  1. Vehicle Number - Vehicle details of the vehicle that will be used for transportation

  2. Document Number - Transportation document number

  3. Date - Date on which goods will be transported

  4. Quantity - Quantity that will be transported in respective vehicles

More vehicle can be added by clicking on 'Add More Vehicle'.

Vehicle details entered can be deleted completely by clicking on the 'Delete' icon against each row of vehicle details

Step 7: Update an E-way bill for multi-vehicle movement

After entering all the details and confirming you can click on 'Update to Multi-Vehicle EWB' button to create a Multi-vehicle EWB.

You can also go back to 'Step 1' by clicking on the 'Back' button at any point in time.

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