Consolidated E-Way Bill

Learn how Generate Consolidated E-Way bill using ClearTax Software

Guide to Generate Consolidated E-Way Bill

A consolidated E-way bill is generated when the transporter is carrying multiple consignments in a single vehicle. Consolidated E-way bill allows the transporter to carry a single document, instead of separate documents for each consignment in a conveyance.

Step 1: Open E-way bills

From the left menu click on 'E-way Bills' to land on the View E-way bills page.

You will be able to see the list of invoices with E-Way bill details (if available) that was generated for the last one week by default.

Step 2: Select Invoices

Select the invoices for which you want to generate a 'Consolidated E-way Bill'.

E-way Bills in 'Generated' and 'Part A' status can be combined to create a 'Consolidated E-way Bill'. The E-way Bills have to be in active status and not expired.

Step 3: Select 'Generate CEWB'

After selecting the E-way bills for 'Consolidated E-way bill', click on the 'Generate' button and then click on 'Generate CEWB'.

Step 4: Establishing connection with NIC Portal

Please wait while software connects with NIC Portal to generate the Consolidated E-way bill.

Your Consolidated E-way bill has been generated successfully.

Recently generated Consolidated E-way bill will be visible on the screen with the filter applied on the new CEWB number.


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