User Manual for GST Tally Connector

Learn how to import data into ClearGST using the Tally Connector

Guide to Import Data using the Tally Connector

Before you begin importing your data into ClearGST using the Tally Connector, ensure your system meets the requirements and that your Tally is configured

Step 1: Login to ClearTax GST

Login to ClearTax GST and select ‘Import Data’ to import data into ClearTax

Step 2: Select Business

Select a ‘Business’ for which you want to generate your invoice.

Step 3: Select Return Period & Document Type

Select the ‘Return Period’ & the ‘Document Type’ for which the data needs to be imported. Then click ‘Continue’ to proceed further.

Step 5: Choose a method

Under ‘Choose a method to import your data’, select ‘Tally’

Step 6: Select Tally Connector

Click on ‘Tally Connector’ to directly connect your tally & import data into ClearTax. Click here to learn how to configure tally connector to import data.

The ClearTax GST Desktop app will establish a connection with Tally.

The following can be reasons if there is an error while connecting the ClearTax Desktop App & Tally:

  • If the Tally is running on another machine, enter the IP address of the other machine in Tally host & click on the ‘Retry’ button.

  • If the Tally is running on another port, enter the port number in Tally port & click on the ‘Retry’ button.

  • In case your firewall is blocking Tally, click on ‘Go to Guide’ button & follow the steps to resolve the same.

  • In case there is another issue while establishing a connection, click on ‘Raise a request for support’ button to get in touch with our support team or you can also use the ‘Tally Excel Report’.

In case you are facing issues while connecting with Tally, follow these steps to check your Anti-virus & Windows defender configuration.

Congratulations! ClearTax GST Desktop app is now successfully connected with Tally.

In case more than one company is detected with the same GSTIN, select the desired company. Click on ‘Proceed’ button

Step 7: Import data

Select the Period for which you want to import data ,once done, click on ‘Start importing data’ button to import the data.

Before importing data from Tally, make sure the same Business/GSTIN is open in Tally. If not, then go to Tally & open the business for which you want to import data. Then go back to the Desktop app & click on the ‘Retry’ button.

In case the data cannot be imported, make sure: Tally is open & running in the background and check if your internet connection is working

Click on the ‘Settings’ button to configure the ‘ODBC port number’ & ‘Host Server’ settings. Click on the ‘Reconnect’ button to proceed.

After successful connection with Tally, the ClearTax GST Desktop app will start importing data from Tally for the selected period.

You can now work on different tabs in the ClearTax GST Desktop App. Click on ‘ctrl+t’ to open a tab. Please ensure that the Tally connector is being used in only one tab. Using the same in multiple tabs might lead to failure.

Step 8: Review Errors

Once the data is pulled, if there are any errors, you can click on the ‘Download Error Log’ button to view the errors in the invoices/CDNs in an excel format. You can also choose to ignore the errors & ‘proceed to file’.

Open the Excel sheet to view the errors in detail. You can rectify the errors in Tally against the respective invoices/CDNs.

Once the errors are rectified, go back to the Desktop app & under the ‘Import data’ tab. Choose the ‘Business’, select the ‘Return period’ & the ‘Document type’ , click on ‘Tally’ option to import data. Select ‘Tally Connector’ to import your data.

Now all the Data is successfully imported, click on ‘Proceed to file’ to file your GST Returns.

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