Benefits of ClearCapture

ClearCapture will help your business in:

1) Automating the entire journey of punching & recording purchase invoices in ERP with the help of invoice digitization
2) Ensuring that the organization is protected from booking any purchase invoices which is incorrect/non-compliant/fraudulent by flagging them
3) Suggesting invoice level actions (to approve, hold, reject) basis risk categorization post running validation
4) Providing ready insights & summary on ‘Transaction dashboard’ for your doer and leadership

Why should an AP team use ClearCapture

As per our research, we came to know that:

1) At least 15% of your purchase invoices may mismatch with E-way bill, QR code and GSTR 2A resulting in losses?
  • Clear capture automatically detects mismatching invoices by comparing them with the data from your GST account
2) Manual entry of a single invoice needs an average of 120 keystrokes. This takes at least 12 minutes resulting in a 3-4% error rate (industry standard)
  • Clear Capture cuts your invoice entry time from minutes to seconds by automating with it’s AI based data extraction technology
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Benefits of ClearCapture
Why should an AP team use ClearCapture