E-Inv Vs Sales Reconciliation

Lean to reconcile your E-Invoices (draft GSTR-1) data with your Sales Register data

Guide to E-Inv Vs Sales Reconciliation

Step 1: Select "Reconciliation"

You can find this tab in the left sidebar

Step 2: Select "E-Inv (Draft G1) Vs Sales"

You will now be redirected to the Matching Launchpad in a new web page

Step 3: Select E-Inv(G1) vs Sales Register Matching

Step 4: Download E-Inv (G1) Data from GSTN

Step 5: Upload Sales Data

Step 6: Select Return Periods

Start matching once you have selected the return periods

Step 7: View Summary & Download Report

Step 8: Mark Invoices as Uploaded to GSTN

Click on "Mark Invoices as Uploaded" to confirm Exact Matched Documents are present in GSTN

Step 9: Proceed to Filing


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