GSTR-2A Vs PR PAN Matching

Learn how to use GSTR-2A vs Purchase Register PAN level matching

Guide to use GSTR-2A Vs PR PAN Level Matching

Step 1: Login to ClearTax GST

Login to ClearTax GST and click on ‘Matching’

Step 2: Select 2A vs PR PAN Matching

Select ‘2A vs PR PAN Matching’ to proceed further.

Step 3: Select Business

Select a ‘Business’ to proceed with PAN Matching

Selecting a GSTIN will select the PAN of the business selected automatically

Step 4: Click Add

Under the ‘Matching’ tab, click on ‘Add/Edit’ button to select the return period for Matching

You can also download the previously generated reports in case you don’t want to generate a new one.

Step 5: Select Apply and Match

Now select the Return Period ,click on ‘Apply and Match’ button to run PAN Matching

You can also use the ‘Document Date Filter’ by clicking on the ‘Show Advanced Filters’ option to do inter-fiscal year matching.

Document Date filter helps filter invoices based on the invoice dates whereas the Return Period Filter helps filter invoices based on when the return was filed by the supplier

Please wait while your Matching Report is being generated.

You can also download the Matching Reports processed earlier

Step 6: Download Report

Congratulations! Your Matching Report has been successfully generated

Click on the ‘Download Report’ option to download the detailed report. Click on ‘Download Summary’ option to download the summary of the report.

Detailed Report - A detailed list of invoices with all the relevant columns from Supplier & Purchase data based on the Matching result.

Summary Report - An Overall Summary & Supplier-wise summary based on the Matching Result.


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