Actions after running recon

Once you get the recon summary after running recon you can take actions on mismatch, missing in 2A and missing in PR documents to increase your ITC Claim. You don't have to act anything on Exact and Suggested match as tax value of these docs will get auto-populated for your GSTR 3B filing. To act on mismatch, missing in 2A and missing in PR docs you can either click on vendor view or document view.

  1. Vendor View : In vendor view you can take entire action at vendor level by clicking on the check box corresponding to the vendor and clicking on action at rightmost top corner to take action on all the docs of vendor. You can also click on the vendor name and go to document view of the clicked vendor and take actions on the necessary documents.

  2. Document View : In document view you take action at document level. You will see your entire purchase and 2A documents row-wise in this and their match status. You have to click on the check box corresponding to the document and click on action to take necessary action on the document. You can select all the documents at once by clicking here and take action on all the docs. If some of the docs match status are showing mismatch, missing in 2A or missing in PR then you can review these docs to manually link with other docs by clicking on link option.

So this is how you can unblock your ITC stuck with vendors and maximize your ITC Claim.

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