Max ITC Reconciliation

How are you going to benefit after Reconciliation is successful ?

Recon Matching Report

A matching summary of 2A vs PR describing the no. of invoices and tax amount missing in 2A, missing in PR, mismatches, matched and suggested matched. You can improve your matching% by reviewing missing documents. Matched documents are those documents in PR which have matched with 2A documents. Suggested matched are those documents which have been matched by our AI based fuzzy logics which ignores a few mismatches to help you unlock more value.

Recon Invoice Detail Report

A invoice level report where you can clearly identify the status of all the invoices that you have ingested. The status can be Exact match, ineligible, mismatch or missing in 2A depending on how ingested invoices match with the 2A report. You can take action on matched invoices and claim ITC for them. On all ineligible invoices mark them as ineligible ITC and invoices which have mismatched or missing in 2A mark them as ITC pending.

Recon Vendor View

A vendor level report where you can see all the results of the reconciliation at vendor level. This will help you in identifying the vendors with whom the documents are missing in 2A or there is mismatch.

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