Table 4 changes

New table 4 changes for GSTR-3B
As per new validations set by govt for GSTR-3b filing in table 4, we have came up with certain changes in our product. User can use this after running 2b vs pr reconciliation and taking ITC actions in the product, basis of the action taken in the product the value in Table-4 gets updated.
Currently generation of Table 4 is available in product using two options
1.User can use 2b vs pr reconciliation in Max ITC tool , after reconciliation is complete user can perform ITC Actions in the product and on basis of same Table-4 gets updated. User can also download Table-4 summary report based on ITC Actions performed in the product.
Recon Summary Screen
The user will take ITC actions on basis of reconciliation data
Once user take actions and click on Easy 3b filing, we will make user land on ITC wizard
Table 4 will appear in the end step and user can see the data in the respective sections , user can also download the summary report for table 4 which will have the document level details and their section details in table 4
Option 2: User can also select File GSTR-3B option and then after landing on GSTR-3B, user can select the source for table 4 filing as 2b vs pr reconciliation
Last modified 1yr ago