Mismatch in Total CGST Value

Learn how to resolve errors in your data while using the ClearGST Tally Connector

Guide to resolve mismatches in total value and tax amount

If you face any of the following errors while importing your data using the ClearGST Tally Connector, follow the steps to identify the source of the error and resolve the same in Tally

  • Error 1 - Mismatch in total CGST value. In the voucher Y. As per calculation X

  • Error 2 - Mismatch in total CGST value. In the voucher 0. As per calculation X

Mismatch in total CGST value. In the voucher Y. As per calculation X

Step 1: Open the invoice in Tally

Step 2: Check Tax Analysis

If there is any difference in the tax amount as per calculation and transaction, check the tax analysis (Alt+A). These differences should be corrected in tally.

Step 3: Check Tax Classification Details

Tax rate and total taxable value at this level should not have any mismatch

Step 4: Check GST applicability of line item

Open the ledger of line item/inventory details and check whether GST is applicable or not. If applicable then set/alter GST details and mark as 'Yes'.

Step 5: Check GST details for stock items

Check the GST details for stock item level along with tax rate and nature of the transaction.

In case you make any changes, kindly ensure the same is applicable from the start of relevant financial year in the tax rate history (Alt + L)

Step 6: Check tax amount in tax ledger

Check tax amount entered in the Tax ledger (CGST/SGST/IGST) and ensure it matches with the tax amount entered in the Inventory ledger and Tax classification

Step 7: Check type of duty for tax ledgers

Check tax ledgers (CGST/SGST/IGST) and ensure they are classified under the GST duties (duties and tax ). Set the type of duty as GST and type of tax as CGST/SGST/IGST and Cess.

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