e-Filing TDS Returns

Learn how to e-File TDS Returns on ClearTDS

Guide to e-File TDS Returns on ClearTDS

Step 1: Generate FVU

If you are looking for steps to prepare your TDS Returns, read this guide​
To start, once you’ve satisfactorily uploaded your TDS return details and it is validated without errors, click on “ Generate FVU”
After verifying previously entered data, continue to FVU generation

Step 2: Select "Direct e-Filing"

You can either download and personally take the generated FVU to the TIN-FC center. Or you can select “Direct e-filing” to directly file TDS return online

Step 3: Make Payment

Once you choose to file TDS return online, you will be asked to pay for the service

Step 4: User Card Details

Enter your card details to complete the process