e-Filing TDS Returns

Learn how to e-File TDS Returns on ClearTDS

Guide to e-File TDS Returns on ClearTDS

Step 1: Generate FVU

If you are looking for steps to prepare your TDS Returns, read this guide

To start, once you’ve satisfactorily uploaded your TDS return details and it is validated without errors, click on “ Generate FVU”

After verifying previously entered data, continue to FVU generation

Step 2: Select "Direct e-Filing"

You can either download and personally take the generated FVU to the TIN-FC center. Or you can select “Direct e-filing” to directly file TDS return online

Step 3: Make Payment

Once you choose to file TDS return online, you will be asked to pay for the service

Step 4: User Card Details

Enter your card details to complete the process


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