Extend the validity of an e-Way bill

Step by step description on how to extend the validity of an e-Way bill

e-Way bills have a validity time period based on the origin and destination pin code and the distance provided in the e-Way bill. An e-Way bill is not considered a valid document for transportation post expiry but there is a provision to extend it before expiry.

All e-Way bills expire at 11:59:59 on the validity date mentioned on the e-Way bill. An e-Way bill can be extended from 4 pm on the day of expiry till 8 am the next day of expiry i.e. 8 hours before expiry and 8 hours post expiry. Below are the steps to extend an e-Way bill:

Step 1: Landing on e-Way bills page

From the left menu click on 'E-way bills' to land on the View E-way bills page.

You will be able to see the list of invoices with E-way bill details (if available) for the last one week by default.

Step 2: Filter e-Way bills expiring on the day

From the available filters on the left-side menu, use the EWB Validity filter to filter for e-Way bills that are expiring on the same day.

Selecting 'Expires Today' option in the EWB Validity filter will display all e-Way bills that are expiring on the same day.

Step 3: Select e-Way bill to extend

Among the e-Way bills that are expiring on the same day and are not delivered to the final destination, select the e-Way bill that has to be extended.

Delivery status would be updated manually and available on the screen.

Step 4: Select 'Extend Validity' option

After selecting the e-Way bill to be extended, click on 'More Actions' -> 'Update EWBs' -> 'Extend Validity' option to trigger the extension flow.

Step 5: Confirm extension of e-Way bill

After triggering the extension of e-Way bill flow the system will check and prompt if the e-Way bill is valid for extension. Also, a confirmation is expected from the user for extending the validity as unnecessary extension of e-Way bill is not required.

Click on 'Continue' to confirm extension of e-Way bill.

Step 6: Filling in the required details for extension

Once you enter the extension flow of e-Way bill a form opens to take input on multiple fields required to extend an e-Way bill. Here fill all the required fields which are marked in red with correct information.

Information required to extend an e-Way bill are - Reason for extension, Remarks, Remaining Distance (auto-filled based on pin code), EWB valid till, Current place, Current pin code, Current state, Consignment Is, Mode of Transport, Vehicle Number, Vehicle Type, Transportation Doc No., Transportation Doc date.

After filling all the required information click on 'Save and Extend Validity' to proceed with extension of validity of the selected e-Way bill.

Step 7: Extension of e-Way bill

Once all the information required to extend are provided the e-Way bill will be extended by the government based on the remaining distance and a confirmation of extension will be visible on the screen.

Your e-Way bill has been successfully extended! You can check the print or the detailed view for more details about the new validity of the extended e-Way bill.

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