Get started with ClearMax ITC


1. How is Max ITC going to help you ?

Please find below the list of quick actions that you can do by using Max ITC :
    Put your ITC journey on autopilot by seamlessly reconciling documents & avoiding any manual intervention & tracking invoices at every state.
    Optimizing ITC claim and recovering pending ITC from vendors by proper vendor communication and payment management system in the product.
    Filing entire GSTR 3B module.
    Max ITC leadership dashboard for the leadership team of your organization to see the summary of ITC.

2. What are the steps to onboard in the system ?

Please follow the below the below steps to onboard in the system of Max ITC :
    Connect your GSTIN by entering relevant credentials and authorizing it by entering OTP.
    Fetch 2A data for the GSTIN by selecting the return time period for which you need the 2A data.
    Ingest your Purchase Register (PR) by selecting the template of your choice and the return period.
Please find below the screenshots that will help you better understand the onboarding process:

Step 1: Welcome screen to get started.

Step 2 : Enter GSTIN credentials.

Step 3 : Authorizing GSTIN credentials by entering OTP.

Step 4 : Fetch 2A data from GSTIN by selecting the relevant return period.

Step 5 : Upload Purchase Register for your GSTIN by selecting the relevant return period.

3. What are some drop offs from the onboarding process ?

    Drops off from Entering GSTIN process: It can be due to incorrect GSTIN number. Please enter the correct GSTIN number. GSTIN number has 15 digits.
    Drops off from authenticating : Incorrect OTP
    Drops from downloading 2A : It can be due to the GSTN did not respond at that time. Please retry downloading again.
Drops off from Ingesting PR : This can occur when the purchase register could not get ingested. Please retry ingesting PR documents again.
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